Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge)

With Christmas over for another year and 2013  just around the corner, we (that’s Anja, Thommo, Steve and junior guide Flip) would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s come on our tour this year and an equally big THANK YOU to those who are thinking about joining us next year!

And what a great bunch of people we welcomed on board this year!
We met intrepid travellers from all corners of the globe and heard some truly inspiring stories. We were able to pick quite a few experts’ brains on topics such as geology, archaeology, entomology, and Aboriginal Land Rights – and most importantly, we had lots of fun along the way!
Ma gamak!

We’ll be doing it all over again next year, can’t get enough of Kakadu! We will kick off with our regular day tours in April, check out ‘Kakadu’s Early Dry’ for likely destinations. Once park staff have removed any estuarine crocodiles from the Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls area and put infrastructure back in place, we will switch to our ‘Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls’ day tour. Watch this space for updates on seasonal conditions and how they may affect our tour program.

Rainbow Pitta

Rainbow Pitta (Pitta iris)

Our exclusive ‘Kakadu Private Charter’ is available year round, just send us an email with your enquiry.

Whether you simply like the luxury of a private tour with your expert guide or you’re travelling with young children, whether you’re planning a trip for a specialist group of birdwatchers or you’d like to visit some of Kakadu’s attractions not incorporated in our scheduled day tours:
Let us provide you with a tailor-made itinerary to suit your interests and needs and make it a day to remember!

We can show you brilliant examples of Aboriginal rock art and take you off the beaten track to pristine gorges and waterfalls that are accessible by special permit only.

Drumroll please, as we’ve got some really exciting news:

Top End Explorer Tours have secured a special permit for 2013 to access the restricted area of Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) in the southern part of Kakadu National Park!

As of next dry season we will be able to offer small groups of travellers an exclusive ‘Kakadu Private Charter‘ experience in this spectacular sandstone gorge that is as rugged as it is remote. It is a great place for bushwalking (yes, a good level of fitness and agility is required!) and birdwatching, the best for learning about Jawoyn culture and to experience the beauty of the stone country in the southernmost corner of Kakadu!

Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge)

Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge)

Access depends on seasonal conditions. As estuarine crocodiles regularly move into the lower pools of the gorge during the wet season, mandatory crocodile surveys need to be conducted in the early dry (usually complete by around June/July). Furthermore, we don’t recommend visiting the area beyond September when conditions become progressively inhospitable with the approaching build-up season.

Please note that a trip to Jarrangbarnmi is subject to availability and best booked way (!) in advance. Be flexible with your travel dates too, possibly work out a few alternative days as spots will fill up super fast, particularly during Wurrgeng (cold weather time: July- August).

Jarrangbarnmi is a culturally sensitive area and visitor numbers are strictly limited: Only 40 people are allowed to gain access to this magnificent site at any one time, no exceptions!

Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge)

Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge)

Parts of Jarrangbarnmi lie within ‘Sickness Country’ (Buladjang country). Bula, a powerful spirit, formed this landscape and then went to live under the ground. Jawoyn (local Aboriginal people) are very respectful when visiting this gorge.  They ask visitors to also respect these important sites while visiting Buladjang country.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!


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