Gurrung — Hot Weather Time in Kakadu National Park

There is no denying that Gurrung, the hot part of our dry season,
is here!

The daytime temperatures have been soaring to over 37°C here in Jabiru. Throughout Kakadu’s sandstone gorges along the Arnhemland escarpment things are certainly heating up as well, shade becoming increasingly sparse.

Life's a Beach at Jim Jim Falls

Life’s a Beach at Jim Jim Falls

While so far this season we’ve been visiting Twin Falls first thing in the morning before spending the afternoon at
Jim Jim Falls,
Steve and I are considering to turn the itinerary around over the next few days.
As of next week, we’ll be heading right up to
Jim Jim Falls plunge pool before the sun hits the bottom of the gorge and it gets too hot and sunny in the afternoon.

As we’ve pointed out many times before, Jim Jim Falls usually stop flowing during the dry season. But don’t despair, the gorge with its awe-inspiring sandstone cliffs and magnificant deep plunge pool is still a worthwhile destination! You won’t regret the hike through monsoonal rainforest, the scramble over rocks and boulders right up to the deep plunge pool. Being surrounded by sheer cliffs more than 200m high is definitely a memorable experience that won’t leave you disappointed.

Little Black Cormorant at Jim Jim Falls

Little Black Cormorant at Jim Jim Falls

Our boat rides into Twin Falls Gorge have been very interesting of late with sightings of Gumogen, the Freshwater Crocodile and Warradjan, The Pig-nosed Turtle.

More than offering a mere ferry service, Tony, Anthony and Dallas are keen to make the trip unforgettable.
Just the other day we were lucky enough to spot not just 1 but 3 pig-nosed turtles in the gorge! I haven’t managed yet to get at least one good picture of these friendly looking freshwater turtles that have all the characteristics of a marine turtle, I’m working on it though!

Twin Falls Boat Shuttle

Twin Falls Boat Shuttle

The birdlife hasn’t been bad either, a juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle has been hanging around. A Rufous Night Heron, several Little Black Cormorants and Little Pied Cormorants have taken up residency in the gorge. And I love watching the Banded Fruit-Doves, endemic to the rainforests of the stone country. Unfortunately, when they zip across the gorge at high speed to disappear again in the foliage of Anbinik trees they’re just too fast for my camera…

Last Week at Twin Falls

Last Week at Twin Falls

Hope to see you soon here in kakadu National Park!


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