Gunumeleng — Sweating it out in Kakadu

Mid-December and Gudjewg, Kakadu’s monsoon season, is still not on the radar.

Locals and visitors alike have been enduring the very hot and humid conditions of Gunumeleng (our pre-monsoon season) over the last few weeks, maximum daytime temperatures regularly exceeding 38°C, while humidity levels are slowly creeping up and up.

Namarrgon, the Lightning Man, threatens with thunder and lightning and violent but localised showers and storms. No widespread rain and flooding as yet — just the feeling of being trapped in a steam bath.

Most of us here in Kakadu can’t wait for the monsoon to arrive (or to spend the holidays in more temperate corners of the world). Others, however, visit Kakadu for precisely these rather challenging conditions: We’re excited to welcome the Melbourne Football Club in Kakadu!
The Dees will spend a couple of days in the park next week, “to test the players’ mettle – both physically and mentally”.
Yep, the players will feel tested when they undertake a 35km bushwalk in the Nourlangie region next Thursday!


Namarrgon, the Lightning Man

To move on to another topic, the Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls region is now closed for the wet season. The closure, roughly four weeks ago, was a necessary move as it was getting way too hot to appreciate these rugged gorges without running the risk of dehydration and other heat-related illnesses.
Also, crocodile traps and infrastructure had to be removed before rising water levels and flooding could hamper the effort.

I would like to thank the awesome team of rangers from the Jim Jim District for the opportunity to tag along for a day and lend a hand with removing the croc traps from the Jim Jim Creek system to store them in a safe place for the wet.
After spending a hot and sweaty day out in the field, the sun relentlessly bearing down, I can truly appreciate the effort Kakadu park rangers put in to keep visitors safe year after year. Trust me, its hard yakka and these guys rock!

And just like Kakadu’s park rangers, we’ll be doing it all over again next year! Our ‘Kakadu’s Early Dry‘ tours will kick off again in April 2013, tours to Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls will commence as soon as the area becomes accessible. Subscribe to our blog to stay in touch with the mob in Kakadu!


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