Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have browsed our pages but haven’t been able to find the information you’re looking for, have a look at the catalogue of questions below!

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What tours do you offer?

In the early dry season, generally from April to May, you can join us for a ‘Kakadu Stone Country 4WD Day Tour‘ experience, as soon as Jim Jim Falls and/or Twin Falls become accessible by road, our itinerary changes.

Our ‘Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls‘ adventure is usually available from June to October/November, weather conditions permitting.

Between June and September we also offer regular day tours to Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge), every Monday and Thursday, weather conditions permitting.

We offer ‘Kakadu Private Charters‘ year round as well as day tours in Kakadu National Park with regular departures during the dry season.

How can I book your tour?

To make a booking, simply click on the  “BOOK NOW” button on the tours pages. It will take you to our secure live booking site.

Enter the number of persons travelling and your preferred date of travel in the blue section on top of the page, hit “Update”, check availability and continue from there by following the prompts.

Alternatively, call us with your details on + 61 – 8 – 8979 3615. If we don’t answer your call during business hours (CST – Australian Central Standard Time), we’re probably out exploring Kakadu’s remote wilderness. Please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

What is your cancellation policy?

We (The Operator) reserve the full right to cancel any services as a result of insufficient reservations, road or weather conditions, or any unforeseen event or circumstances or acts of nature.

Cancellation fees do apply on all tours:
(a) The cancellation of your online booking will automatically incur a 30% administration fee (does not apply to phone bookings).
(b) If cancellation of a scheduled day tour occurs more than seven (7) days prior to departure, a cancellation fee will not be charged, however, administration fees may apply.
(c) Cancellation inside 48 hours – 7 days from scheduled departure time will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
(d) A 100% cancellation fee applies to all bookings cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled departure.

Our cancellation policy for private charters varies from the terms and conditions of our scheduled day tours.

Read our full list of Terms and Conditions to be on the safe side!

Can I change the date of my booking?

Changing the date of your booking is generally not a problem — as long as you give us enough notice! Please bear in mind that during busy times (June – August) we’re often fully booked for days in advance and re-scheduling may not be an option.

What is the Kakadu Park Pass?

It’s you park use ticket. The Kakadu park pass fees help manage the natural and cultural values and improve visitor services in this World-Heritage reserve.

The $25 per person fee (which is inclusive of GST) applies to all interstate and international visitors aged 16 years and over. All Northern Territory residents and children under 16 are exempt.

Do you visit Jim Jim Falls in April?


The Kakadu region receives about 1.5m of rainfall during an average wet season, considerably more in “big wets”.

The Jim Jim Road (as well as many other tracks) becomes impassable with the onset of monsoonal rains and often requires repairs after the wet season. Low lying areas become inundated with floodwaters and estuarine crocodiles often move into areas frequented by visitors during the dry season.

The waterfalls, creeks and surrounding areas of our tour destinations need to be checked by national park rangers for any saltwater crocodiles that might have moved into areas visited by travellers. These crocodile surveys are an absolute necessity and usually take several weeks to complete.

Work can only commence once the 4WD track into the area has been repaired after the heavy rains and floods of the wet season have eased and is usually not completed until some time in June.

Only on very rare occasions access may be possible from as early as May.

The good news is that scenic flights are available from Jabiru Airport to take in the views during the wet and early dry season!

Will the falls be flowing when I visit?

Twin Falls may be reduced to a trickle around October, towards the end of a long and hot dry season.

Jim Jim Falls usually dries up a lot earlier, usually around mid to late July. It very much depends on the amount of rain Jim Jim Falls’ relatively small catchment area received during the wet — and how long the wet season lasted for.

But rest assured, a sheer drop of over 200m is always an awesome sight, with our without water tumbling over the edge of the cliffs!

How hard are the walks?

The bushwalks we tackle during the early dry season on our ‘Kakadu Stone Country 4WD Day Tour‘ are mostly pretty easy and we hike on well defined tracks. However, overall we may cover up to 12km of walking on the day.

The walks into the gorges of Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls are a lot shorter, under 2kms return each.
But don’t be fooled, the 900m to the plunge pool at Jim Jim Falls is not a stroll to the corner store!
Starting off easy the walk becomes more difficult as we progress on our way to the falls. Imagine trekking up a dry creek bed with rocks and boulders increasing in size as you hike along.

At Twin Falls the pebbles, rocks and boulders are often (partly) covered with sand which can make the walk slippery.

You definitely need to be steady on your feet with a good sense of balance. These walks are not recommended for persons who recently had hip surgery or knee replacement surgery!

In saying that, you don’t need to be as fit as a marathon runner either, a reasonable level of fitness will be just fine! We trust your judgment — but do contact us if at all unsure!

Please don’t feel offended should we then ask you about any ailments (such as a heart condition or asthma) and be upfront about potential health issues. It is our duty of care to keep everybody in the party happy, healthy and safe.

Do you pick up from Darwin?


We are based in Jabiru, approximately 250km east of Darwin and we tour within Kakadu National Park only.

Darwin pick-ups may be an option for our Kakadu Private Charters, depending on a number of factors. Additional charges for transfers to and from Darwin will apply.

Do you provide food on your tours?


Morning tea and a freshly prepared picnic lunch are included in all our tours.

We can provide vegetarian and gluten free meal options, just drop us a line when you make your booking!

What do I need to bring?

Please bring along a large water bottle each (min. 1l per person; we have plenty of iced water on board to keep your bottle topped up throughout the day), comfortable walking shoes suitable for walking over rocks, a hat, camera, bathers and towel, sunscreen (however, for environmental reasons we recommend wearing UV-protective clothing instead, if you’re intending to go for a swim), and your Kakadu park pass that must be purchased before entering the national park.

Why is there a minimum age for children?

Being parents ourselves we can state with confidence that our scheduled day tours are simply not suitable for families with little people! High temperatures (and high humidity at times), challenging walks, travelling with other people you’ve only just met and activities that don’t allow to stick to the child’s usual routines have made us draw a line at the 5 year mark (8 years for trips to Jarrangbarnmi).

This is set in concrete — absolutely no exceptions!

Ask about a Kakadu Private Charter and we will come up with a sensible itinerary to suit your family!

Do you offer discounts for families, groups or seniors?

Children between 5 and 14 years travel at approximately 80% of the adult rate. We see ourselves unable to offer any further discounts.

How big are the groups?

Our groups are small, we travel with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 passengers per vehicle.

What type of vehicle will we travel in?

We currently use two pretty cool Toyota Landcruiser 200Series.
They comfortably carry 6 adult passengers (licenced to carry 7 passengers) and are, of course, airconditioned.

Why are your private charter tours so expensive?

Our ‘Kakadu Private Charter‘ tours are tailor-made with a program to suit your needs. You will have exclusive use of a 4WD for the day, and your personal tour guide will make sure you travel at your own pace.

Will we see crocodiles on the tour?

On occasions, while cruising up Twin Falls Creek, we do encounter the relatively small and rather timid freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni) which is generally considered harmless to humans.
We don’t usually come across any estuarine crocodiles on our day tours — which is a good thing since we ask you to bring your bathers if you feel like going for a swim at Jim Jim Falls or any of our early dry season  destinations.

However, there remains a risk of estuarine crocodiles entering Twin Falls Gorge and the lower pools at Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) even during the dry season. That’s why we stay well clear of the water’s edge here.

Read our blog posts in the category ‘Kakadu is Crocodile Country!’ to find out more about the different species.

Do you offer tours to other national parks in the Top End?


We are based in Jabiru, in Kakadu National Park. Since we don’t offer overnight trips, we tour Australia’s largest national park only (after all, there’s heaps to see here) and don’t visit any other national parks in the Top End.

Check out Tourism Top End‘s website for tours and accommodation options.

Do you offer camping tours?


We currently offer day tours only.