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Kakadu’s Early Dry Tours Heading to Yurmikmik

It looks like Yegge and smells like Yegge — it must be Yegge, ‘cooler weather time’ and the start of Kakadu’s early dry season! It’s still pretty humid at the moment, especially in the morning when the sun is on a steady rise and sucks up the dew that settled on the grass over night. […]

Gunumeleng — Sweating it out in Kakadu

Mid-December and Gudjewg, Kakadu’s monsoon season, is still not on the radar. Locals and visitors alike have been enduring the very hot and humid conditions of Gunumeleng (our pre-monsoon season) over the last few weeks, maximum daytime temperatures regularly exceeding 38°C, while humidity levels are slowly creeping up and up. Namarrgon, the Lightning Man, threatens […]

Gurrung — Hot Weather Time in Kakadu National Park

There is no denying that Gurrung, the hot part of our dry season, is here! The daytime temperatures have been soaring to over 37°C here in Jabiru. Throughout Kakadu’s sandstone gorges along the Arnhemland escarpment things are certainly heating up as well, shade becoming increasingly sparse. While so far this season we’ve been visiting Twin […]

Kakadu Explorer Tours in 2012

Gudjewg, Kakadu’s monsoon season is supposed to be in full swing. It started right on cue, Christmas in the Top End was marred by Tropical Cyclone Grant and torrential rainfall over parts of the Cobourg Peninsula and the north-western parts of Arnhemland. After making landfall on Christmas Day, Grant lost strength rapidly — but the […]

Gunumeleng — The Wet Season is Here!

It’s November and the wet season is upon us once again. Gunumeleng, the build-up season with its high temperatures and rising humidity,  spectacular displays of lightning and distant, rumbling thunder, tropical downpours and sprouting green has started right on time — and put a stop to our day tours to Jim Jim Falls and Twin […]

Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls in the Late Dry

Gurrung, hot weather time, is here once again and things are definitely heating up around Kakadu! In Kakadu National Park’s stone country along the Arnhemland escarpment we regularly experience afternoon temperatures in the low forties these days — and with a few days of high humidity just recently, we’ve got a first taste of Gununmeleng, […]

Gudjewg — Kakadu’s Monsoon Season

It’s green out here – and very wet! Gudjewg – many people call it the “true wet season”. Most certainly this is the time of year when Kakadu receives the majority of its annual rainfall. Gudjewg usually lasts from late December to early March. While many parts of the continent have been receiving more than […]