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Aboriginal Guide Thommo Nganjmirra

I promised to dedicate a whole blog post to fabulous Bininj artist Thompson Nganjmirra. Admittedly, that was over a year ago… Mea culpa! Thommo is a Kunwinjku speaker from West Arnhemland. His home, the Djalama clan country, is in the Goomadeer River region, in the stone country west of Maningrida. Thommo can look back on […]

Kakadu’s Estuarine Crocodiles

Many moons ago I blogged on crocodile management in Kakadu National Park and I also gave a brief description of the two different species of crocodiles native to the Top End. Back then I closed with the words “A lot more is to be said about Kakadu’s crocs, so watch this space!” Many thanks to […]

Gunumeleng — The Wet Season is Here!

It’s November and the wet season is upon us once again. Gunumeleng, the build-up season with its high temperatures and rising humidity,  spectacular displays of lightning and distant, rumbling thunder, tropical downpours and sprouting green has started right on time — and put a stop to our day tours to Jim Jim Falls and Twin […]

Fishy Facts: Barramundi

Enjoying the dry season, visiting Kakadu National Park’s beautiful sites with a great bunch of people, it has been quite a while since I last found the time to write on this blog, not for want of topics… I just added a new category to this blog which I named “Meet the Locals” as I […]