Breaking News: Twin Falls Open

It’s official, Twin Falls Gorge will be accessible as of tomorrow,
Saturday 09 July 2011.

Crocodile surveys have been completed, the floating pontoon boardwalk has been installed (I really don’t envy the poor souls who had to enter the freezing cold water in the gorge to assemble the segments airlifted in by helicopter the other day) and the shuttle boats went in the water today.

The Jim Jim Creek crossing is still at 0.75 of a metre and requires a high clearance 4WD with a snorkel — but that’s not a problem for our trusty old OKAs!

Twin Falls

Twin Falls in July 2011

We will take our tours to Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls as per our regular itinerary from tomorrow.

If you’ve been hanging out for Twin Falls to open but haven’t booked your tour yet, please be advised that we are currently fully booked for 2 or even 3 days in advance.

To check availability and prices and/or to make a booking hit the grey “BOOK NOW” button in the top right corner of this page.

Enter the number of persons travelling and your preferred date of travel in the blue section on top of the bookings page that will open, hit “Update”, check availability and continue from there by following the prompts.

Alternatively, call us on +61-8-8979 3615 during business hours.


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