Kakadu Tours — News and Updates

Yegge is here! We’ve finally said our goodbyes to a very “interesting” wet season. Kakadu saw its wettest December on record followed by an extremely long and hot dry spell during January. For a while ‘Gudjewg’, the monsoon season, looked like a non-event but then the rain returned with a vengeance. In terms of overall […]

Gunlom in Kakadu’s Early Dry

Gunlom in Kakadu National Park’s south is now open! Park rangers have completed their crocodile surveys, the day use area is slashed and tidy, the camp ground manager is setting up camp as I type — and guess where Steve is with his group today! Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are! Bobo! Anja   […]

Kakadu’s Southern Hills and Ridges — Yurmikmik

Just a quick update today… The Gimbat Road in Kakadu’s south is now open to 4WDs between the Kakadu Highway intersection and the South Alligator River. YAY! We can now access the Yurmikmik area and visit beautiful Motor Car Falls and Boulder Creek! Come for a walk with us to experience the southern hills and […]

Ubirr in Kakadu’s Early Dry

It looks like the dry season, it feels like the dry season… The morning air is fresh and cool once again here in Kakadu National Park. And while the days are still pretty hot things are definitely looking up. Kakadu’s skies are blue again, with puffy white cumulus clouds. While localised afternoon showers will be […]

Kakadu’s Estuarine Crocodiles

Many moons ago I blogged on crocodile management in Kakadu National Park and I also gave a brief description of the two different species of crocodiles native to the Top End. Back then I closed with the words “A lot more is to be said about Kakadu’s crocs, so watch this space!” Many thanks to […]

Kakadu Explorer Tours in 2012

Gudjewg, Kakadu’s monsoon season is supposed to be in full swing. It started right on cue, Christmas in the Top End was marred by Tropical Cyclone Grant and torrential rainfall over parts of the Cobourg Peninsula and the north-western parts of Arnhemland. After making landfall on Christmas Day, Grant lost strength rapidly — but the […]

T-QUAL — Tick of Quality Assurance

Martin Ferguson AM MP, Australia’s Federal Minister of Tourism, officially launched the T-QUAL-Tick this morning. This new national symbol will help travellers to reliably recognise quality Australian tourism experiences. “The T-QUAL tick is a mark of quality which will become easily recognisable whether it is on a tourist park in Tasmania, a five-star hotel in […]

Gunumeleng — The Wet Season is Here!

It’s November and the wet season is upon us once again. Gunumeleng, the build-up season with its high temperatures and rising humidity,  spectacular displays of lightning and distant, rumbling thunder, tropical downpours and sprouting green has started right on time — and put a stop to our day tours to Jim Jim Falls and Twin […]

Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls in the Late Dry

Gurrung, hot weather time, is here once again and things are definitely heating up around Kakadu! In Kakadu National Park’s stone country along the Arnhemland escarpment we regularly experience afternoon temperatures in the low forties these days — and with a few days of high humidity just recently, we’ve got a first taste of Gununmeleng, […]

Fishy Facts: Barramundi

Enjoying the dry season, visiting Kakadu National Park’s beautiful sites with a great bunch of people, it has been quite a while since I last found the time to write on this blog, not for want of topics… I just added a new category to this blog which I named “Meet the Locals” as I […]